Stressed is desserts spelled backwards….


We had a small birthday celebration for my husband. Small does not mean less stressful, at least to me. We had my parents, his dad and fiance, and my bestie Maranda – remind me to mock myself for that later. There were 6 other people who were invited, granted  4 of them we knew would most likely not come but at what point in time did a courtesy call quit happening.

The very first meal I ever cooked in our house was Blaynes birthday meal. I have no idea what I cooked, but I was pregnant with Hunter at the time. It seems fitting that I am pregnant again this time, the first birthday since our house is PAYED OFF. However, he cooked his own damn meal. It was hamburgers and I don’t cook on his precious BBQ so he will probably forgive me.

Anyways, there were no blow outs or yelling at this family event. That’s a big deal. This can largely be credited to people not showing up. Maybe I should be grateful and less annoyed. There was only one point in which someone threatened to leave. They didn’t and we, I mean me, just pretended the situation didn’t happen.

Only 4 times a year do I open our house to our entire family. Birthdays, for Blayne, Levi, and Hunter; and Christmas. That is enough, trust me. I love my family, in-laws and all, I just hate people in my home. – I also hate leaving my home though and I have to do that frequently. – Every time, especially at Christmas I STRESS about how clean my house isn’t. So this time, like every other, I had big plans I was going to make sure it was spotless…. About halfway through sweeping my living room my hip started aching and I said “screw it!” They’re family they will understand, and if they don’t they will at least judge me silently. So I went and got me some mini donuts.

I wait all year for these mini donuts, I can ONLY get them at the Edson Trade show. Yes I can get mini donuts at every fair and event but this guy has them mastered. He serves them with your choice of cinnamon or icing sugar, or on a plate with caramel or chocolate. Yes you read that right, caramel or chocolate. I always opt for the icing sugar, it’s the only place I have ever been able to get this. It’s amazing. My husband opted for the chocolate. It isn’t surprising. He has been waiting since August for his birthday cake.

unnamed (2)

Black Forest Cake. Made by my dear friend Brittany. She makes all of my cakes and last year for my brother’s birthday we had her black forest. This is the cake that stopped my husband in his tracks to say “this is the best black forest cake I have ever had, this is what I want for my birthday!” Thus, he has been waiting since August.  The dinosaurs we’re her special touch. Most of us were excited for the cake, not Hunter. He wanted the candles.

unnamed (1)

That’s him obviously. Staring at the fire. “My sure like fire!” is an expression I hear from him as often as he sees it. I try to ignore it and call it cute and not disturbing, he’s only three. He ate a dinosaur and then went off the bed.

Anyway, at the end of the day everyone left full and my kids went to bed with no issues what-so-ever… I should mark that on the calendar!

I feel like it’s been an incredibly long weekend and it’s only Friday. Tomorrow we have a fundraiser to attend. I guess I am officially an adult, attending fundraisers. Sigh, at least I still have my naps.

Mad Mommy


2 thoughts on “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards….

  1. We enjoyed your hospitality immensely Jenn. Food was delicious as usual and never even noticed your floors (I really DON’T) pay attention to any of that stuff, we’re there to see you guy’s! The boys seem to be growing in leaps and bounds lately, they amaze me every time I see them. Rest well madmommy, you too are amazing and we love you. 😊

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