When forever isn’t long enough.

There are times when I look at my kids and I am blown away by how fast they are growing. There are also times I wish they would grow up and stop tattling and crying over every little things that happens but I’m sure at one point I am going to miss even that.

One day I’m going to pick up my boys, put them down, and never pick them up again. Levis day is approaching faster than Hunters. Just because of his age, but Hunter is unfortunately not far behind. The problem is that I probably won’t know. I won’t know that this is the last time I’m going to pick them up for a hug, or because they are sleeping. One day mommy won’t be able to. Daddy will have a few more years. Lucky him.

Far to often I wish they would stop doing things that make them children. Far to soon they will stop, and then I will be wishing for these days back. So, I’m going to try to stopping wishing, and instead I’m going to start holding. So when the day comes when I put them down and never pick them up again; I will at least have something to remember.

Mad Mommy

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