Maybe I can do this.

I remember the exact day I found out I was pregnant with Hunter. February 12, 2012. Blayne knew before I did, or before I was willing to admit it anyways. – My best friend and I had gone on a weekend trip to Banff a few weeks before hand and I refused to drink, so something in me already knew even then. – I had gone to work with Blayne the night before, it was about a 3 hour round trip and on the way home I broke down. Blayne told me he thought I was pregnant. I denied it. He pulled over and we talked,  he promised it would be okay and that we would get a pregnancy test the next day. I think the only reason I stopped crying was so that he would start driving again because I desperately needed to go pee.

The next day we picked Levi up from his moms and grabbed a pregnancy test on the way home. Now I have peed on more than my fair share of these things, all because I am paranoid, but this one I read the instructions front and back. I wasn’t going to mess this one up. So I peed on the stick and waited.


For about 5 seconds I smiled. Then the panic set it. I couldn’t be a mom. Of course Blayne came and calmed me down and we were great.

Then the bleeding started. 3 times I ended up at the doctor. The first was at 8 weeks. Then 10. Then again at  12. Each time everything was fine. When I hit 12 weeks I relaxed. I started to get excited. We started to buy things for baby.

The second trimester was mostly fine. At my 18 week ultrasound they couldn’t see the heart clearly, so I had another one at 22. Everything again was fine.

By the time I hit the third trimester I swear it was 1000 degrees outside. My only relief was to soak my feet in a tub of cool water, thanks mom. This is also when the anemia set in. The doctor put me on iron supplements to go with my prenatals.  They didn’t really help. I ended up getting weekly blood tests to test my levels.

I also had severe hip pain. I couldn’t walk from one end of my house to the other without severe pain. I fell down the stairs when I was 17 and hurt my hip then, it never really got better. But this was unbearable. Nothing helped.

This is literally all I remember of the third trimester, the pain and the exhaustion due to the anemia. It was bad. I counted down day by day to my due to date. Only to have it come and go. I was due October 20, 2012. Everyone was giving me tips to induce labor. Nothing worked, walking might have helped, but due to the hip pain I couldn’t do it. The ended up medically inducing me on October 30, 2012.

Throughout my pregnancy I craved Orange Crush, smokies and hotdogs. All things I shouldn’t be eating. In fact I ate so many hotdogs while pregnant I still can’t stand the taste and smell of them. During my second trimester for some reason I could not under any circumstances stand chicken, which is funny now because it’s probably the only meat Hunter will eat now.


This was me 2 days before Hunter was born. The only belly picture that was taken the whole pregnancy.

Mad Mommy

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