the great outdoors.

We just returned from a week of camping. The only thing I have to say about camping with two little boys is that even if you think you have enough clothes packed for them, PACK MORE. It doesn’t matter what I said or did those two were soaked, at least from the waist down. The majority of which was done while trying to catch tadpoles, but there were also points in which swimming fully clothed made much more sense to them then changing into their swimming shorts. Who am I to argue, I am just mom. I was never a little boy. I guess I should be thankful I did bring extras, and they only had to re-wear one pair of jammas each.

I used to HATE camping, then Blayne figured out that I just hate not having a bed. So we bought a camper, the A/C certainly doesn’t hurt either. Now I just hate getting ready for camping. Even more so while pregnant. Packing clothes for a week isn’t the hard part. It’s the meal planning. I have to think of all the meals, and all the required ingredients for said meals because when  I forget something I can’t just run to the store to grab it. I say when but this time I nailed it, I made my own list instead of following Blaynes, I think that helped. Last time I forgot our pillows, luckily we were only gone for 3 nights not 6 that time or he may never have forgiven me.

Like I said the meal planning is the hardest for me, on a good week I have a hard time committing to meals 6 days ahead, throw in pregnancy cravings and I can hardly commit to something 5 hours from now. Dinner is rarely decided until 4 pm at this point in time. I filled in the gaps with some new recipes and I must say Campfire Pizzas and Campfire Cinnamon buns will definitely be staying on our menu for the next camping trip.

That being said, I managed. I finally seem to have gotten the hang of this camping thing for the year. Unfortunately, I will have this baby in about 5 weeks and I have FAR too much to do around the house so it was our last camping trip of the summer.

Oh yeah, and Hunter caught his first fish!



Do you have any camping recipes that are a must try? Let me know in the comments.

Mad Mommy

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