Baby prep: the laundry room

Nesting with Hunter was different. My biggest concern at the time was meal prep. Maybe that is because I had been preparing for him to come since my first ultrasound. Maybe it is because it was my first. All I know for sure is that by the time he was born we had at least 20 meals in the freezer. None of which were used in the first few weeks at home.

This time my concern is cleaning, and organizing and making sure I have everything we need. That sounds to me what “nesting” is supposed to be. Because I have been so exhausted with my anemia, and terrified of another loss I haven’t done a lot of prep. Everything I have gotten for this baby has been shoved in a corner and I have no idea what is there, or what I still need to buy. Because of this I have decided to tackle one room at a time and make sure I have everything I need for the particular room before carrying on to the next room. – These items probably aren’t the big stuff, that I am sure will be it’s own post. No, this is the little, and often overlooked items that you don’t realieze you need until you need it.- Provided my calculations are correct and I don’t procrastinate, I should be done right before he arrives. That is of course if I don’t go into early labour.

I started with the hallway, now I live in a mobile so my hallway is also where my pantry is as well as my laundry area. The supplies needed here were minimal but I will get to them in a moment. The biggest job I had to do here was clean out my dogs area. We had a kennel in the corner that we didn’t really use anymore because Rolo is well over 120 lbs and Harley just sleeps in there when she is sick of the kids. They used to be locked in there when we went out but now we just close the hallway door and they have plenty of room. Cleaning out that area took the better part of a day, between moving everything and washing the walls and everything. Blayne then put shelves up so I have a spot for all my canning supplies as well as some other random stuff. It looks 1000% better. From there is was just washing walls and cleaning out the pantry. I try to clean out my pantry at least once every 6 months, checking expiry dates and donating anything we won’t eat to the food bank. Finally it was time to stock my baby supplies.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition

  1. Laundry Detergent – This seems like a no brainer, but when I was pregnant with Hunter it didn’t occur to me that babies needed a scent free sensitive skin detergent. This time we are trying Tide Free Pods, which is different from what we used with Hunter. I love the pods because they have everything in them. Since I have switched to pods the amount of stain remover I use had been cut in half.  Plus the boys LOVE helping with laundry if they get the throw the soap in.
  2. Stain Remover – Yes I know I just said that I didn’t use it nearly as much, but babies stain so much more than toddlers. It is almost hard to believe, but babies poop, and puke, and drool, and they do all of these things all over everything all the time. Trust me on this one, stain remover is a must.
  3. Fabric Softener – I love fabrics softener, I love soft clothes. But when it comes to baby clothes if they aren’t soft what is the point. We are trying Ultra Downy Free and Clear Fabric Softener this time. I don’t remember what I used with Hunter.

You might wonder why I started in the hallway, the easiest room to do. The answer to that is simple. I need to do baby laundry for nearly every other room in the house, and I couldn’t do that without buying detergent. Best to get that room done first!

That’s it. That is all I needed for the hallway. I did have to go purchase nearly all of that just get it off the list, but now I can rest easy knowing that one room is baby ready. If you think I forgot anything let me know in the comments.

Next stop? The bathroom.

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9 thoughts on “Baby prep: the laundry room

  1. I loathe cleaning and organizing. I’m done having babies but now with 4 kids living in that house there is always clutter somewhere. There are some days I feel like purchasing a large incinerator and putting every toy, game, too small clothing, and junk we never use in it! Good luck on the bathroom! I’m visiting from #coolmumclub


  2. I have to say I am not one of those a people who love cleaning and the laundry feels endless with only one kid in the equation! So totally there with you on it not being a strong suit. But great that you are tackling this head on good luck for the bathroom and thanks for linking
    up to #coolmumclub! X


    1. Thanks for the comment! I have let things get away from me being so exhausted. Hopefully I’ll have an easier time staying on top of it after baby comes. Thanks for the luck in the bathroom. #coolmumclub


  3. You are so great at getting organised and going for it. Well done you! You must be shattered. When I was pregnant I didn’t get that nesting feeling. The opposite actually. Lots of luck with the bathroom 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx


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