Baby prep: The bathroom

After finishing the laundry room the logical place for me to go was the adjoining bathroom. Now my bathroom is my most regularly cleaned room in my house. There is nothing I hate more than a dirty toilet and bathtub so it gets a good scrub most often. Daily even. While it keeps it clean it still could always be cleaner, especially with a baby on the way. Plus I have ZERO storage in my house so every room can always use a decluttering.

The biggest task in here was the shelf where we keep our first-aid supplies and towels. I started by throwing away all the expired medication, I had only done this 6 months ago so I was shocked to see how much had expired in such a short amount of time. So I cleared that out and reorganized a bit to make room for baby stuff. From there I tossed any old makeup and recycled all my old magazines. They accumulate fast, take up more space than you think and really what are the chances that you’re going to reread them. Of course it was only my magazines that I got rid of, God forbid I get rid of a 10-year-old hunting and fishing magazine that my husband might reread eventually. Finally it was time to make sure the room was baby ready.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition (1)

  1. Maxi Pads – if this is your first child you might be surprised to find out the amount of bleeding that happens after you have a baby. C-section or natural delivery there is no way around it. Tampons are a big no-no while you’re healing so make sure you invest in some of these before hand so you’re ready to go. Yes they are uncomfortable but, if you’re like me,  after you’re done you can get rid of them and never look back.
  2. Nursing Pads – I keep these in the bathroom just for convenience sake, remember I don’t have a lot of room in my house. I wish they came in a smaller box because I don’t plan on breast-feeding and I should only need them for a few weeks, but they don’t so I have a good 1000 of them.
  3. Nipple Cream –  I held out on this one much longer than I should have. I don’t know why but for a good month or longer dryness and painful cracks have been happening. This stuff clears it right up, and if you’re breastfeeding you’ll be thankful for it when nursing.
  4. Q-tips – You probably already have these in the bathroom, but if not nothing works better than these for making sure the umbilical cord is dry.
  5. Baby First-aid Kit – These things have everything you need in them, thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers and a ton of other stuff. Just make it simple but the kit.
  6. Baby Towels – you can probably make do with regular towels, but I love how soft and perfectly sized baby towels are. I make sure I have enough to get through a week so that I don’t have to do laundry more often than necessary.
  7. Baby Wash Cloths – like the towels these are soft and perfectly sized. I still use the baby ones on Hunter and Levi.
  8. Baby Bath Tub – I know a lot people who never used one of these and that is fine for them. For me I love these until baby is old enough to sit up at least.
  9. Baby Lotion – lotion after bath-time is a great thing to add to your routine, it keeps baby’s skin soft and if you use a nighttime lotion like this one it helps put baby to sleep.
  10. Baby Soap – I saved this for last for a reason, while it might be the most obvious thing in the world I forgot it. I didn’t even realize I didn’t have it until I went through the bathroom. Which is exactly the reason behind my methodical room by room prep. Anyways, I recommend the nightime soap, for the same reason as above.

Well I think that is it for the bathroom. Am I forgetting anything? If so let me know in the comments. If not it’s off to the kitchen!

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