Baby prep: The kitchen

As you know I had to take a step back with the kitchen while Blayne did renos. This put me about a week behind my perfectly timed out schedule. Now that I FINALLY have a birthday for this baby I have to work double time to get the bedroom and living room done. But for now The Kitchen.

Much like  the laundry room I started by cleaning out my cupboards and everything that we wouldn’t eat was donated. I don’t know how I accumulate so much food that we won’t eat. Actually, that isn’t true, it comes from my mother and grandmother when they decide they won’t eat it.

From there I cleaned out and organized the rest of the cupboards, the fridge, and my most hated chore; about the cupboards. That always seems to accumulate of the dust and grease from cooking and it is gross. I have yet to find a cleaner that cuts through it as well as I would like. This is the area where I usually keep my slow-cooker and the like, however, I can’t reach it there so Blayne with his non-pregnant brain suggested we move them to the newly placed shelves in the hallways.

My front door is also in the kitchen so I had to organize that as well. While cleaning out the shoe area I found no less than 10 pairs of shoes the kids have outgrown. Where they come from I do not know, where I am going to store them is an even bigger mystery. Oh well, such is life with kids.

Finally, it was baby prep time.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition (2).jpg

  1. Bottles – It doesn’t matter if your  breastfeeding, or bottle feeding. I recommend having bottles on hand. You’ll need the bottles for any pumped breast milk, and if you’re bottle feeding, like me, you’ll need them to feed your child. With Hunter, I used NUK and Playtex Drop-ins. This time, I have the same but I have also tossed in some Playtex nursers and Some Born Free bottles just for good measure.
  2. Formula – This is obviously only if you’re planning on formula feeding. I have a couple of sample containers as well as the full-sized ones. Pending any sensitivities I plan on using the same as I used with Hunter, however, I only bought a limited amount just in case.
  3. Bottle Sterilizer – I personally just use a pot of boiling water but you can buy these handy contraptions. You  need to sterilize everything from bottles to soothers.
  4. Bottle Drying Rack – Again this is personal preference but you can get some nice ones.
  5. Bottle Brush –  For those tough to clean areas of the bottles. This definitely comes in handy.


Something that is completely unnecessary but I am very excited about is, The Baby Breeza. This thing mixes and heat bottles. I lovingly refer to it as my baby Keurig.  I was gifted it by a friend after I had read hundreds of reviews on them. Full review coming on this later, when I get to actually use it.

I did not include a high chair of any kind in this list as it is something that will not be used in the first few months.

I believe that is it for the kitchen unless you think I am forgetting something. If so let me know in the comments. Off to the bedroom.

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16 thoughts on “Baby prep: The kitchen

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  2. My son was formula fed, and I remember when I first saw those bottle-making machines I thought they were so unnecessary, but I’ve read so many rave reviews about them I’m starting to think maybe it would’ve been nice to have one, haha! x #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My husband feels the same way, and with my other kids I just mixed formula in bulk once a day based on what they drank. now I have two kids in activities and school of some sort and I’m hoping to save some time. We shall see I suppose. Thanks for commenting. #KCACOLS


  3. Omg baby Keurig! Have seen those before and love the idea. Will be interested in reading your full review when it comes out! I also loved the Playtex Drop-Ins… Was very sad to see the latex nipples discontinued though. 😦
    Tori @ The Mama Nurse

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    1. Thank you! I will be sure to let you know when I do it. Only a couple days until baby arrives so I will be able to fully use it soon!. I found the latex nipples to soft, when my son sucked on them they would just collapse and he wouldn’t get anything, so it was a blessing to not have to repurchase nipples for everything. My latex allergy also played a factor. Thanks for the comment! #KCACOLS


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