Baby prep: The bedroom & living room

After the kitchen, I moved into the bedroom. This is my bedroom instead of the nursery because that is where the baby is going to sleep for the first little while and therefore where the must have items need to be. The fact that our nursery furniture isn’t in yet is also a factor.

The big task in here was that everything needed to be moved. The bassinet wouldn’t fit beside our bed, and clearly, that was going to be in issue. So we moved all the furniture and made room for baby. Relatively simple. From there I did the living room, which basically consisted of finding homes for all the stuff that had accumulated in there during renos and cleaning. I can’t be the only one who does this when they clean. This would be a much simpler task if I wasn’t two days away from my c-section. I told you all I would be done this just in the nick of time.

Finally, with hardly a moment to spare it was baby prep time.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition (3)

  1. Bassinet – I had zero intention of using one of these with Hunter. he was going to sleep in his own room no matter what. Until I had an emergency c section and I couldn’t put him in his crib. Blayne to the rescue, again, set up the playpen that had a bassinet feature and we were good to go in our room for a couple of months. This time, we purchased a bassinet, just in the interest of saving space.
  2. Change Table – Mine is actually on back order so we are using our smaller dresser to hold all the baby clothes and to use as a change table. Add the change pad on top and we had a perfect solution.
  3. Diaper pail – Use whatever brand you like, but I broke 3 Diaper Genies with Hunter and you have to buy their brand of bags. This time, I am excited about the Bubula Steel Diaper Pail we purchased.
  4. Baby monitor – I LOVE the Angelcare Monitor. I bought one second-hand with Hunter and knew there was no other option with this baby. The motion sensor was the only thing that allowed me to sleep when he did. We bought a new one this time around.
  5. Baby Swing – life saver. Baby liked to be held and they like to be rocked. Often the swing is the only reason you will ever get anything else done. If you can get one that swings either direction. Some babies can get quite picky.
  6. Baby bouncer – like the swing this can be quite handy. They are more portable than the swing so you can move it room to room and have baby near while still not in your arms.

With that, I think we’re done, and with only a day to spare. I don’t recommend waiting til the last-minute like I did. But if you do I hope that my lists help. I do still need to pack my hospital bag so stay tuned for that.

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