Just one more hug.

It has been a week since my hardest goodbye, goodbye to my our last fleeting moments of alone time with Hunter before the baby came. I knew this was going to be hard, I had spent months agonizing over it. In fact even a week later I still am emotional thinking about it.

My c-section was still hours away but it was scheduled for 7 am, long before Hunter is usually out of bed, it only made sense for him to start his sleep-overs the night before. Plus, Blayne and I were going to have our anniversary dinner, and try to enjoy our last baby free night.

Hunter loves sleep-overs, he counts down the days until his next one. Also, he knew that this sleepover meant that “his baby” was coming, so he was bursting with excitement. I’m glad that someone was. My nerves were getting the best of me. I was torn between my excitement to hold my baby, and the sadness I was feeling at saying goodbye to my other baby.

This was going to be the last moment where he was my youngest, where he was my baby. I was going to have a new baby tomorrow, and as much as I had the last 39 weeks to prepare for that, emotionally I still wasn’t ready. I must have asked for another hug and kiss at least 15 times before Blayne said we had better go. He was right, we did still have dinner to go to, and Hunter was more than happy to go do his thing. He’s three, he didn’t understand how hard this was for mommy. So I got one more hug and kiss and off we went.


The next day Hunter was the only person that got to meet his little brother. This moment I will cherish forever.

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6 thoughts on “Just one more hug.

  1. Aww how lovely! What a beautiful photo! I hadn’t thought about how hard it must be to know that life is going to change so much when you wake the next morning and how it must feel to have one last day with your child being an only child and going to be your eldest child 🙂


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    1. The closer my due date got the more intense the feeling was. Even now I am terrified about how our relationship will change. Even though he is not technically my oldest as I do have a 6 year old step-son it is a very relationship with him than Hunter.

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