Goodbye, summer.

I’m not sure what it is about September 1st these last few years but, as soon as it hits it feels like fall. Shorter days, cooler weather. We break out the sweaters and I start baking. Even as I write this I have 4 loaves of bread in the oven, and buns rising to go with the chilli I am making for dinner. Every Sunday during fall and winter I make a soup, stew or chilli. I started this last year after finding out that Blayne’s grandmother made soup every Sunday. I can’t bring myself to do it during the summer, but it is something from his childhood I can give to him, a memory he can share with his boys now.

We said goodbye to summer last week, knowing that it would be the opportunity before school started this coming week, we made one last summer trip to the mountains. We were joined by my brother, Shylo, and his girlfriend, Melissa. We made a 6 1/2 km hike through Maligne Canyon. With 3 kids, one in a stroller, and me being 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery, we were slow going but we made decent time, and I can not wait to do it all over again. We ended with a picnic at the 6th bridge.

We had a pretty good summer.

camping 1.jpg

Camping – We spent a total of two weeks camping over a few separate trips. my favourite would have to be the one  to Jasper. We camped 3 nights with Shylo and Melisssa at Whistlers Campground. Beautiful scenery, close to town and multiple hiking points. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Hiking – We did a few different trips that involved hiking. My favourite would be the last, only because I wasn’t pregnant anymore and I was really able to enjoy the walk without being in pain.

Untitled design (4)

Fishing – Most of this happened while camping, but it still was great. We had a few firsts with fishing this year, with Hunter, Levi and even Me catching their first fish. Go us.

Plus, we welcomed H.D. which, in my opinion at least, was probably the highlight.

Levi starts school in 2 days, which really means the end of summer. We are back to weekends. Monday – Friday will be otherwise booked between school and activities. That doesn’t mean the fun will stop. Fall still mean hikes, and outdoor time, it also means birthdays and parties. In fact, Levis birthday party will be in just a few short days.

While part of me is already wistful for summer days, I am looking forward to Fall. I love crisp mornings and hot lattes (yes Pumpkin Spice). I can’t wait to celebrate the boys birthdays and Halloween. Fall means hot soups, freshly baked loaves of bread, sweaters and cuddles. I think I have finally found a bread recipe I will stick with, and soups I have been collecting recipes all year waiting for this season to return.

Maybe we will still have a few “summer” days before the snow flies, but I thin they will be few and far between. All we can do is hold on to them when they happen, and embrace fall while it is here.

Mad Mommy



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