The race to 6 years old: a recap.

Dear Levi,

That last year has flown by. I have spent countless hours watching you grow, both physically and intellectually. The changes  I see are both wonderful, and heartbreaking. You are growing far too fast for our liking.


Just days after turning 5 you started kindergarten. It was a big day for everyone. You were nervous but excited to start a new adventure. That what it was to you. They split your class a couple of weeks in and you went to a new teacher. That was the best decision as your new teacher was and is absolutely incredible. She encouraged you to grow and learn in ways that we can’t. You picked up french with no issues and you love that you are learning something that not everyone knows.

You came to live with us full-time, and while it really it a blessing having you here all the time I know how hard it was when your mom moved away. We love having you here, nobody more than Hunter, as you are truly his best friend. As he is yours. You’re also the biggest big brother to H.D. and I know you will be his beat friend as well. You are already completely in love with him and I often catch you just staring at him.


This year you completed three levels of swimming lessons, and while you still have much to learn your swimming skills have increased tremendously. You also did your first year of T-ball and words cannot express how much you loved that. You wear your medal with pride as often as you can. Spring will come soon enough and you can get right back out there.


We finally got you outside this year, hiking, fishing, and camping. At the beginning f the year you wanted nothing to do with it, now you ask for it, and even woke up from a nightmare in which you didn’t catch a big fish. It’s wonderful watching you enjoy the outdoors in more than a park setting. The world is large and we only get to see a fraction of it.

Speaking of seeing the world; your Dimes for Disney bottle was a fantastic idea. The visual really helps you look forward to a goal and you proudly add to the bottle to go to the “lands” whenever you find or are given a dime. Uncle Shylo even slipped a 5 in there, which you need to point out every time you see it.

You are quickly becoming the grown-up you so desperately want to be. I beg of you to slow down and enjoy being a little boy, you will be a grown up before too long wishing for these days back. I hope that one day you will read this letter and remember the age of 5 fondly. I know I will.


Grow slow Levi, we love you dearly.


Love Jenn


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16 thoughts on “The race to 6 years old: a recap.

  1. My eldest is 6 now and will be 7 next year – how did that happen??! It sounds like he’s had a great year with a lot of fun. Here’s to many more!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

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