Baby H: month one.

Somehow the first month of H.D.s life has come and gone. After a somewhat rocky start, he started to thrive. Watching him grow is wonderful, and depressing knowing how fast it slips by. I find myself watching him sleep every time get the chance.

Sleeping: Hey guess what he’s a newborn which means sleep is neither here nor that. Between 10 and 11 each evening we get him wound down with a bath, lotion, and bottle. After that, he goes to bed in his bassinet and sleeps until 2, and then again until 6. Sometime towards the end of the first month, we are down to only one wake up at 4 (yay!!) hopefully that keeps up. He is awake for the majority of the morning after that, sleeping the afternoon away, and a brief nap in the evening  always waking up and interrupting dinner.

Feeding: He is exclusively bottle fed since day one. Starting at 1 oz every 2-3 hours (about 10 oz in a day) and worked his way up to 3 oz every 3-4 hours (24 ish in a day) He is a little savage about eating, and grunts and growls(sort of) at us at the sight of a bottle. It’s adorable really.

Development: Smiles! Oh, I love his little smiles, I was lucky enough to get the first one. He also rolled over, back to front. Once. It may have been a fluke, but we’ll take it. He has progressed in the sound department,moving from just crying towards happy noises that still sort of sounds like crying.

Growth: Starting at 6 lbs 14 ozs he had lost 10 ozs when we left the hospital. At his one week check up he had already more than gained that back. At his one month check up he now weighs 9 lbs 5 oz, so between coming home and his one month birthday, he gained 3 lbs. He always went from 19 inches to 21 inches. I had to move him from newborn clothes to 0-3 month just days before his 1 month. It was a bittersweet moment.

Hunter & Levi: This is probably my favourite part of watching him grown. Watching his brothers fall in love with him. Hunter proudly announces to everyone that is HIS baby and Levi tells EVERYBODY he sees how cute the baby is, and then waits expectantly for them to agree. Blayne and I often catch them just staring at H.D. and he is now the only one who routinely gets a bedtime hug and kiss these days.


  • Cuddles, especially with mommy,
  • Co-sleeping which is something I don’t love but sometime in the middle of the night he winds up in his bed and not back into his bassinet.
  • His stroller, and walks


  • Kisses, or anything touching his face really. he gives some serious side eye when he gets kisses.
  • Being put down, falling asleep on his own definitely, does not happen at this point.

Mom: I am nearly back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, which is not at all a healthy weight but I have to start somewhere. I am actively working towards a healthier lifestyle. It took me a tad longer than expected o recover from the surgery but I seem to be all better now. Still zero core strength, however, I didn’t have a lot of that, to begin with.

At the end of the day (month) he is a healthy happy baby boy who is growing at an alarming (to me anyway) rate. We look forward to month two and seeing what it brings.




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11 thoughts on “Baby H: month one.

  1. Lovely post. My youngest is 8 weeks ao i can relate to a lot of the post esp the co sleeping. I never did this with my eldest but sometimes youl do anything for a bit of sleep. Im with u on babyvwaking as soon as you sit down to eat its like they have spidey senses.

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    1. he sleeps in his bed for the first part of the night, then I fall asleep before I get a chance to move him back. We’re about 50/50. Oh well, it works fo us. Thanks for the comment. #ablogginggoodtime


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