The race to six years old: a party.


After much debate, and changing of minds, we somehow landed on a Hot Wheels themed birthday. I say themed loosely, because when you only have a room for an hour it is hard to embrace a theme as much as I used to. We started having two parties last year, one for the family and one for kids. This will be the last time that happens. Two parties mean two cakes, two means, two assortments of snacks, and twice I have to socialise with people outside of my usual comfort zone.

The first party went off without a hitch, good news considering it was the family. I wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong, but when you deal with what is essentially 3 families coming together you never know. There usually is at least one argument, usually my mom and my uncle, but nothing this time. We had hot dogs for dinner as per Levis request and a marble transformer cake. He was spoiled rotten by family, and even Hunter got a little something which I am grateful for because he has been having a bit of a hard time lately.


Party number two was with his friends. 28 invites went out, 10 people RSVPed (some were nos), 7 people showed up. I really do not understand what is so hard to RSVP to an event. I was left wondering if the rest of these people were coming or if no news meant no attendance. Apparently, that’s what it meant. We did have one surprise guest, Levis teacher came, it was so sweet. Levi was so excited that she came, the whole morning before hand he was insisting that she would be there and Blayne and I did our bests to not let him get his hopes up, then she came. `This is the second year she has taught him and it was funny because he actually would go ask her permission to do something before Blayne or me.

Levi chose to have a bowling party which is great. The kids love bowling and it leaves little left to plan. for $14 a person you get bowling, pizza, and pop. I didn’t even need to provide plates or anything it was all taken care of. Kudos to whoever thought of that. It was a fraction of the cost we have paid for past birthday parties, before buying food.

Brittany, of course, made his cake. It was fabulous like always and Levi was very excited about it. The cars were a big hit with the kids afterwards, because they were all playing with them while they were waiting to get picked up and we were cleaning up. A bunch of 6-year-olds can make a mess of anything it would seem.


My favourite gift is once again courtesy of Baba and PaPa. After finding out how jealous he was over H.D.’s blanket Baba came to the rescue and made one for Levi, and a matching pillow. Every night he wants that blanket and that blanket only, and when you have 7 other blankets to choose from it is kind of a big deal.


Levis favourite is his hamster. This is something he has been begging for, every time we went to the pet store for months he told me how much he wanted a hamster. He even had a cage picked out. We decided that when he turned 6 he would be old enough. So down to the pet store we went. He picked out this guy, whose name has changed no less than 10 times in the last 3 days; I believe it is currently Bruce Wayne Batman. I often walk into their room to find Hunter and Levi both just staring at it. Hopefully, this teaches Levi some responsibly, before the novelty wears off.

At the end of the day(s) it was a success. We’re off the hook for another month, at which point we will be celebrating Hunters birthday. … I can’t wait.





A Cornish Mum




4 thoughts on “The race to six years old: a party.

  1. I hate it when people don’t reply, I mean how hard is it really? I remember one year after sending out 32 invites and only having 6 replies I sent my son to school with a note for each kid to give to their parents asking for a response so I could finalise numbers. Good job too as 28 turned up. Imagine if I’d only made food and party bags for the 6 who originally replied?! Glad they went well in the end, great cake and even better hamster. I had a few hamsters as a kid, my favourite was called hammy, very original


  2. Ha Bruce Wayne Batman is an amazing name for a hamster 🙂 How rude of the people who didn’t reply about the party, I hate when people do that! Glad it still sounds like he had a fantastic birthday. Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x


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