A visit to the fire hall.

It’s Fire Prevention month. Which means it’s time for our annual visit to the fire hall.

Our local fire department hosts an annual open house during fire prevention week. This is our fourth year attending it. I really think attending these kinds of events are important for kids. Not only is it an excellent learning experience about fire prevention, but it also creates an environment where they can overcome any fears they might have. When I was little I was terrified of the sirens, I don’t want my kids to be afraid of them in an aspect.
The first thing my kids ran to was the fire training station. They had a propane fire practice unit set up for them to try. It is, of course, very small-scale but it gives a little taste of what they do. Little. Very little. Hunter went first, he did wonderfully. Levi needed a tad more help. He had some aiming issues, not at all surprising to me, the one who cleans the bathroom. The finished their turns and ran to the back of the line to try it again. Because we got there late, we pulled them off to the next thing.

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Inside their rec room, they had loot bags for the kids. They each included a bunch of activity books and a fire hat. These are always a welcome addition to their tickle trunk. They also have a model house set up. This has a bunch of examples of fire hazards and how to fix them. This is the first year where I have actually seen a member of the station going through the model with kids. Levi was entranced. Hunter was bored, but it was a tad out of his age range I think. I was increasingly happy to see Levi recognising the hazards and how to fix them.
They also had some antique fire fighting equipment in there that really gives you a new respect for the people who do this. Even still it is a terrifying prospect, but looking at their old equipment that they used to use, all I can say is wow. It definitely takes a special kind of person to do the job. Hunter had a wonderful time with the old bell.
We didn’t watch the video they had available to view, despite Levis protests, so we moved back out into the main area so that the boys could climb aboard the fire trucks. This is my favourite part of this. The more opportunities they get to explore these types of things the more you can see the dreams come alive in them.

One of the big draws for some families is the free barbeque. They have burgers, and chips, and drinks for the whole family. Cooked by the firemen of course. What more could a mom ask for? No cooking, no dishes, and it’s cooked by firemen!

This is a fantastic event that they do for our community, one that I will continue to partake in year after year.This is where firefighters are born. Where the flame is lite, one that never gets extinguished. I don’t think there are many careers available that would make a mother equally proud, and terrified. this is one of them.

For more information about fire prevention and this year’s theme of “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years,” visit the National Fire Prevention Association.


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