Moms Ultimate Calander: A review.

In the interest of organisation, I always purchase a new calendar for September. This may seem counter-intuitive to some people, as the new year doesn’t start for another four months but the school year starts in September and I like to lay it all out when I get that schedule. Plus, most calendars start in September anyways. This year I am using Mother Words Moms Ultimate Calander.


I purchased this calendar for a few reasons. I was excited about the size of it, from the pictures it looked like it had large date squares with a lot of room to write down information. It also came with hundreds of stickers for what appeared to be every occasion. I also was happy to see that it had a magnet so I could easily put it on my fridge. I was a tad confused as this one was slightly more expensive than the larger calendar by the same company but went with this one because the other seemed like overkill.

The first thing I sat down and did was birthdays. I went through the whole calendar and marked them all down.  I was pleased to find out that there were more than enough stickers for all of my family birthdays. We have a relatively large family so I am happy to be able to put a sticker for everyone and still have a few left to spare for the people whom I inevitably forgot. – it happens every year – From there  I  went and added the school calendar, this was after all the original meaning of this calendar. Initially, I thought that I would run out of stickers when it came to non-school days, but as it turns out my kids don’t actually get that many days off of school. It must just FEEL like there are a tonne.


After laying out everything I could for the year I focused on September. I am big on colour coding, so everyone got a colour and I went about adding individual appointments and activities for the month. I am impressed still by the amount of room available for writing. As of yet, I have only run out of space twice in the upcoming months, but there are days that are split at the end of the month.


When I went to hang it on the fridge is the first time I found an issue. Although this is probably again due to my inability to read things. I bought the calendar for a side-by-side fridge. Which I do not have. So when it on my fridge it is just a tiny bit too large to fit on the freezer portion. Not a real problem, and easily fixed by moving it or have the proper fridge.


  • Buy the calendar for the fridge you have if you intend on hanging it on the fridge at least.
  • The stickers are extremely difficult to remove from the sheet one at a time.
  • The stickers fall off the sticker sheet and end up all over the place.

Wish List

  • Better stickers: The stickers literally fall off the sheet when in storage. 
  • 1/2 inch smaller and it would fit perfectly on my fridge, once again it is made for a side-by-side fridge, but it would be more universal if it was just a tad smaller.

Love It

  • The size of the days are huge,  tonnes of room to write all of my families activities and appointments.
  • Days are divided slightly, giving an optimal space to adhere the stickers.
  • Stickers; there are over 500 in this version. More than enough to cover everything.

Swear Factor

1/10 – Due entirely to the fact that still find random stickers randomly throughout my house despite the fact that they are stored on top of my fridge.


At the end of the day, this is the best calendar that I have purchased to date and I will 100% buy this, or at least a version of this for future years. 



**Opinions expressed here are solely mine and/or my husbands. In no way have I been approached by this company to endorse their product, and I have written this review at my own discretion.**

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15 thoughts on “Moms Ultimate Calander: A review.

  1. Wow – you certainly have a busy calendar! I can see why you were looking for something that was big enough to joy everything down. Very impressed with your colour coding too! I usually purchase family calendar where everyone has their own column.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

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  2. Wow, your organisation is hugely admirable!! I’m terrible, and don’t even own a calendar, or a diary, and rely on my terrible mum brain to remember everything! Things get forgotten, and I keep telling myself I’m going to become super organised, and buy a calendar-I keep forgetting…! But honestly, this calendar looks fab, and I’m inspired to get one for next year, and actually become the organised person I need to be!!

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