Baby H: Month three. 

Well H.D. is THREE months old. Fun! For someone anyways. It is such a bittersweet moment watching your kids grow. You want them so badly to grow, but you also want them desperately to stay small. I think it is a little harder this time knowing he is the last baby we will have in our house.

Sleeping: He moved his own bedtime over the last month. He went from a 10:00 bedtime and is now at a 8:30 bedtime. He just isn’t able to stay up any later. Which is good, we are working towards a normal bedtime, it’s just a tad harder when they are babies. Hunter was the same way and I am hoping he will continue down the same path as his brother, who still goes to bed on his own at bedtime.  He is not quite sleeping through the night reliably It depends on how much he eats at his last feeding. If he eats 6 oz he sleeps until 7, if he only eats 4 oz he wakes up around 5 for a bottle. He now puts himself to sleep when I put him in his bassinet. For only 3 months old I am not complaining.

Feeding: Still bottle fed. He is fluctuating between 4 and 6 oz at a time. Depends on the time. It is almost time to sanitise the bigger bottles. But for now, the 4 oz bottles are fine.

Development: Giggles and smiles galore. It really is wonderful hearing that hiccupy baby giggle. He is rolling front to back, sometimes, he scared himself once and now he seems to be avoiding it at all costs. He is nearly doing a back to front roll now as well. I think sometime in the next month he will probably be able to sit up unsupported as well.

Growth: Apparently we have a perfectly average sized baby. He is in the 50th percentile in both length and weight. He weighs 13 lbs and 7 oz. so he put on about 1 lb and 6 oz. I didn’t catch his length but I do know it is time to move him into 6M or 3-6 M clothing. I suppose that he is right on schedule for that as well.


Hunter & Levi:  As I write this they are currently on the floor playing with H.D. so I think it is pretty safe to say they are still infatuated with him. I think that might change when he is mobile but for now it is still love. Hunter is convinced he taught H.D. to roll and is actively trying to teach him how to roll the other way.


  • Daddy, he will not nap after 5 because that is when Dad gets home. He just watches him until he comes and gets him and then he just smiles.
  • Being naked and having his diaper changed. He thinks it’s hilarious.
  • People watching, such a nosey baby.


  • Tummy time. Despite the fact that I know he is able to roll he won’t.
  • Napping in his bed. He will nap anywhere else. He will sleep all night in his bed. He will not nap in his bed.


Mom: Ugh. That is literally all I have to say. No progress. My step count has increased by another 1000 steps and I have added a half hour body weight workout to my routine 3-5 times a week.

That is for month two, we’re already a week into month three and I am excited to see what he will accomplish in that.






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8 thoughts on “Baby H: Month three. 

  1. Awww he is so cute and sounds like he is doing brilliantly already!

    I agreed about the bedtime, both mine went to bed quite late when they were babies. I figured it was better that way so then you could hopefully have a good stretch of sleep together! We just gradually adjusted it and brought it further forward as they got a little older

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

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