Gro-Clock: A review .

Sleep has always been a battle in our house. With Levi anyways. He is capable of running on approximately zero hours of sleep. He can stay up all night, and get up at absurd hours in the morning. Hunter sleeps better, he loves his bedtime but he also will get up the moment he hears something happening. Not great when Dad gets up for work at 5 am. So when we heard about the Gro-Clock I was excited about it. A clock that shows stars when it is time to go to bed and the sun when it is okay to get up? How fun, and helpful!  A family member purchased one for their kids and it worked wonderfully, so the first opportunity that we had, we got one for ourselves.

When we initially got it Levi was at his mom’s so we had a good test run with just Hunter. He and his dad set it up. In hindsight, Blayne should have done it by himself, more on that later. It took them a matter of minutes with only a brief glance at the directions. Super easy. Too easy even. Hunter had it figured out in a matter of seconds.

Hunter was really excited about trying it. Until he got up in the morning and it was still a star. He, of course, got out of bed. No big deal, it was only the first night. We explained to him again what he was supposed to do if it was still a star, stay in bed until it is the sun.

Night two was promising. He woke up, it was still a star so he…. changed it to the sun.

Night three we turned the “lock” feature on. Well, the lock feature only works as well as the average 3-year-old as he quickly figured that out as well.

Night four we found some success. He stayed in bed until it turned to the sun. He was so excited he ran into our room and shouted”Mom! My clock turned to the sun!” Horray we figured it out.

When Levi came home it was a bit more of a struggle but we got there. Now, for the most part, ayways, they both stay in bed until the clock turns to the sun. They are only 4 and 6 so we have to have some leeway there. They love it. If they wake up before the sun comes I hear them counting how many is left. Often waking the other up, but hey they are at least in bed!


  • I didn’t read the directions I just went straight to the clock.
  • Don’t let your kids watch you set it up, mistake on our part

Wish List:

  • A better lock system, something a tad more difficult for the kids to figure out.
  • Battery Option; the clock has to be plugged in which limits where you can place it

Love It:

  • The kid-friendly display
  • It came with a story book for the kids
  • How easy it is to set up
  • There is a nap function, Levi and Hunter have outgrown naps – sad face -but when HD ready I think we will be buying another one! 

Swear Factor
1/10 – When Hunter figured out the lock function there was some swearing happening.

While this is only a tool to help with “sleep-training” I feel as if it is a fantastic one that is great for the kids, and maybe even a godsend for the parents. I will be buying a second one.


**Opinions expressed here are solely mine and/or my husbands. In no way have I been approached by this company to endorse their product, and I have written this review at my own discretion.**
A Cornish Mum

4 thoughts on “Gro-Clock: A review .

  1. I don’t think these even existed when my boys were small, but I love the look of them. Crazily my boys have always had lie ins anyway though, genetically heavy sleepers like me. Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix

    Stevie x

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