Baby H: Month four.

Due to my blogging break, month five is nearly over and I still haven’t written about month four! So, here we are. I can’t believe he is already almost 5 months old.

Sleeping: Again he moved his bedtime. Yay. He is usually in bed by 7, and getting ready for it by 6:30. We also made the big move to his own room! He took it like a champ. He regressed and was waking up like 4 times a night, starving so it is time to talk to his doctor about starting solids because he just isn’t satisfied. He is putting himself back to sleep after he eats at least.

Feeding: Still bottle fed. He is pretty much consistently drinking 5 oz at every feeding. All hours of the day.

Development:  Rolling both ways consistently. Well, mostly consistently. He really gets mad when he rolls to his stomach and just screams until I come roll him back the other way.

Growth: Still perfectly average. Right on the 50th percentile for height and weight which is fine by me. 24 inches and 15 lbs 3 ozs.  Still is a size 6 M/3-6 M clothing. I’ve always been really lucky with my kids getting a lot of wear out of their clothes and it looks like HD will be no exception. Fingers crossed anyways.

Hunter & Levi: Their favourite thing to do is pick out HDs clothes and jammies to wear. Which is fine by me.


  • Mom and Dad, he wants both of us, at the same time. He is always just staring at whoever isn’t holding him.
  • He would probably be naked all the time if I would let him, and it wouldn’t make such a mess.


  • When he rolls on his tummy. Seriously nothing makes his more mad.


Mom: We’ll just skip that for now.

Well that was fast, we’re only days around from his 5 month birthday!


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11 thoughts on “Baby H: Month four.

  1. Aww, he sounds like he’s doing well!! He’s certainly a total cutie!! I can remember my two both rolling into their tummies, being really pleased by it, then getting over the top angry when they realised they were stuck!! The feeding lots in the night doesn’t sound too much fun… I hope the Dr can give you some good advice!!

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  2. Aww – it made me smile that he’s always looking at the person who isn’t holding him! 🙂 This is a great way to keep track of and look back on his progress! #KCACOLS

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