Baby H: Month five.

As I write this I have a baby rolling from his back to his tummy and getting mad as hell until I roll him back over. Or he turns himself 90 degrees and gets mad that he can’t reach his piano anymore. Here is our month 5 update.

Sleeping: Since we started him on solids he is pretty consistently sleeping through the night. Yay! Bed by 7, up at 8. Two 1 1/2 hour naps a day. He does try to nap right before bed, but we’re gradually working away from that.

Feeding: SOLIDS. Well, purees anyways. He is loving them, all of them. Except for peaches. He hates peaches. Weirdo. It took a few days tp figure it out but got it under control quickly. He is of course still on formula as well.

Development:  The eve of his 5 month birthday he sat up unsupported for the first time. He is still a tad wobbly but he nearly has it mastered.

Growth: no check up this month so I don’t know for sure. But he is still is a size 6 M/3-6 M clothing. Looks like we might get a full 3 months out of it yet, although it is getting nip and tuck at this point.

Hunter & Levi: This baby boy of mine is just infatuated with his big brothers. He just stares and smiles at them every time he sees them, and he loves to copy them.


  • His brothers.
  • His daddy, he nearly leaps out of my arms out of my arms to get to him when he gets home from work.
  • Food, seriously anything. He cries when I am not fast enough with the spoon.
  • His bouncer


  • Peaches and he is not the biggest fan of rice cereal either.
  • Tummy time, which is really unfortunate for him now that he rolls over in his sleep.



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