Honest Diaper Bundle: A Review.

With my older two boys, I was a dedicated H brand user. I liked the way they fit, they were cost-effective and I could buy them anywhere. I had never even heard of The Honest Company. When I did hear about them I had no kids in diapers. Figures that would happen because I loved the pictures. They were adorable. The idea of them on a cute little baby bum was so perfect that I knew I had to try them when HD was born.

There is no store that carries these closer than two hours away from me so really my only option was the website. For the most part it is user-friendly. I did get “stuck ” in a total about how to use the site that I wasn’t fond of but that is more to my personal preference to figure things out for myself. I decided the Diaper Bundle I like that I can substitute packs of diapers in different sizes so if we are close to moving up a size but not quite there yet you can change them. However, you can not choose the same print more than once, and you cannot substitute the big wipes pack for smaller travel sized packs. Although, they only hold 10 wipes anyways and on a bad day you would probably need to carry a bunch of them.

I ordered my bundle on Friday,  by Tuesday morning they were on my doorstep. After everything was said and done it came to about $140 CDN, which is about $20 more than if I purchased my old H brand locally, or about $40 more if I make the 2-hour drive to buy the same H brand at Costco. All in all, I am okay with the price, and having them at my door in 2 business days I really can’t beat that.


The box is really pretty, like really pretty. Not that it makes a difference with literally anything, but it was the first thing I noticed. The diapers are too, the examples you see online do no justice to the awesome designs that are on these diapers.

When I put them on him I immediately noticed how well they fit. I was actually blown away by the comparison of the other brand to this. They fit perfectly. When wearing just an onsie there is no diaper showing, he literally could be wearing underwear instead. That is how well they fit. The diaper isn’t spilling out of his clothes. That does not compromise the absorbency at all. We have had less “blowouts” and leaks with these than ever before.


The wipes, however, are not my favourite. They do not come out one-at-a-time like they should. It is almost like they are not folded properly as they come out in bunches, which is unfortunate. I would chalk it up to a bad batch but it has been a problem through more than one bundle.


  • The website boasts free shipping, but unless you live in a designated area you don’t qualify. I was dinged with both shipping and an international surcharge.
  • These diapers fit the same from beginning to the end of their weight range, amazing.

Wish List:

  • The wipes to come one-at-a-time instead of in large bunches. 
  • The travel packs to have more wipes in them.

Love It:

  • Shipping was fast.
  • The prints are amazing.
  • They fit incredible.

As you can see my loves far outweighs the wishes, I will continue to purchase these diapers for as long as necessary. I will wait to see what their training, sleep, and swimming diapers are like as I have no need for them at this time but I have high hopes as the diapers have left me nothing to but pleased.

If you want to check out the diaper bundle you can do so HERE; or if you want to see what else they have to offer you can do that HERE. I think I will give the essentials budle a try.



**Opinions expressed here are solely mine and/or my husbands. In no way have I been approached by this company to endorse their product, and I have written this review at my own discretion.**
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22 thoughts on “Honest Diaper Bundle: A Review.

  1. So glad to finally hear about someone trying these! My Superstore now carries them and I’ve debated giving them a try but haven’t. Die hard same ole same ole. I have to go get groceries tomorrow though so i’ll grab a pack to try! The cute prints might make up for my pining for my cloth diapers (but i just can’t keep up with laundry these days. #KCACOLS

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