Don’t let them quit.

For as long as Hunter has been able to talk he has been a “hockey player” that is all he wants to be. Odd considering we don’t watch hockey in our house and we rely exclusively on Netflix for our television uses. So, at 2 years old he was on skates. Almost daily for months, he was on the ice. Only for a little bit at a time as he was on only 2 and just turned 3.


Over the summer our town pulls the ice off the rink they hold events there. I never thought anything of it, until I had a little “hockey player” who wanted nothing more than to skate  So when they put the ice back on and added a skating class for his age group, of course, we jumped on that ship.


The first round he excelled, he was the best in his class bar none. Which of course only encouraged his need for hockey. The second was a bit different. Hunter is a perfectionist, to say the least. Everything has to be perfect. So when it comes to skating lessons, he makes sure every task is completed 100% and takes it slowly so he doesn’t fall. He won’t take any shortcuts. Which means he is at the back of the group. Always.

As you can probably imagine this is a serious confidence buster for a 4-year-old. He skated off the ice in tears. My heart broke in that moment. AT 4 years old he was ready to give up on his dream. Luckily after a pep talk and a hug from mom, he got back out there, but the next two classes weren’t the same. But he didn’t give up. A few one on one lessons with just me and him and his last session was the best. He had never skated so fast in his life.

Watching you kids fail is hard, important but hard. But, he learned a vital lesson. He can’t always be first. He can’t always win. He can’t give up. As much as watching him want to give up was hard, and as much as it would have been easy to just go home; words can not explain the pride I felt watching him get back out there. Seeing how proud he was of himself when he finished his last lesson was the best part, though.

There is always going to be someone better than you, but all you can do is be the best that you can be. Do I think this will be the last time he has to be “reminded” of this? No, but hopefully the next time won’t be so hard, and for now… I have a hockey player again.





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28 thoughts on “Don’t let them quit.

  1. Perserverance is so important. We went to a roller skating b day party 2 weeks ago and my daughter didn’t fare very well, quiting early to play video games. There was another party the following weekend, so on Wed she begged me to take her to practice. Love it. #brillblogposts

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  2. What a wonderful post. Good on him for getting back out there! We often have this conversation at home with my 6 year old, we discuss how she’s good at one thing, and not so much at something else, but with practice and perseverance she can become the top dog, but it takes time and a few knock downs. I think it’s such a valuable lesson for them to learn, and you’re definitely doing it the right way! Maybe one day we’ll see his name in the league for hockey! #KCACOLS
    Becky x

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    1. It is hard for kids to learn these types of lessons. I think even harder now that they get participation medals for things. Good on you for helping your daughter learn these lessons. I feel like so many parents don’t these days.

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  3. Love this! I teach Taekwon-do and one of our tenets is perseverance. Too many kids quit things far too quickly now, because everything in their lives is usually so immediate. As parents we need to manage this, by encouraging them not to give up at the first or second hurdle. Keep up the good work – both of you! Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

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  4. How great that you were able to get him back out there again with pep talk. We have been recently teaching our 7yo & 4yo to ski …. they both found it a little tough going, just hope that with a few pep talks from Dad, they will be ready to head back on the slopes again next year.


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  5. Hi Jenn, it is far more important to learn how to lose than to win and sometimes it’s not even about winning or losing, it is, as you said, about doing the best we can. That’s one of lifes lessons, we can’t always be the best, but we can always do the best we can. I am sure that Hunter will continue to pursue his passion of being a hockey player until he decides he wants to be an astronaut!


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  6. I’m glad he got back on the ice. As a serial quitter you come to regret it over the years. He will learn to deal with failure though, and set backs but as long as he still loves skating that’s all that matters. #kcacols

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  7. Love how you handled this!!! Great job 🙂 we always teach our kids that there will always be someone better than them
    And someone they are better
    Than so it’s important to do our best and work hard but never to put down those coming up behind us! #KCACOLS

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