A trip to the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park.

We’re always looking for good experiences to do with the kids. Camping, fishing, the zoo. I know the boys will remember these types of things over the material objects. Our most recent trip was to the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a little out of our normal price range but we were able to take advantage of a private rental through my mom’s work. We have done this in the past, but Hunter was only 4-months-old and Levi was only 2 and neither of them remembers going so it was like a whole new adventure. Remembering what it was like in the past we made sure to get there a bit early. Anyone who has ever been to West Edmonton Mall (WEM) can tell you that they have HUGE windows overlooking the water park so that people can get a glimpse of what is inside. Hunter stared at it in awe and asked: “how did they get the ocean inside the building?!”

If you have never been to WEM I highly suggest it. It is the largest mall in North America.  Not only does it have the water park but also an indoor theme park, a sea lion show, an aquarium, a skating rink, an arcade, bowling alley, hotel and oh so much more. There is something there for literally everyone.

The waterpark itself is the second largest indoor park in the world and features the world’s largest wave pool – more on that later. this place has 17 indoor slides, and a tonne more features. Some were new to me and I can’t wait to go back just the grownups to take advantage of them.

Waiting in Line

Because we had a private rental we had to wait for it to close to the general public, this meant it was past our normal bedtime of 7 pm before we got in, so waiting was tedious for the boys. They were definitely tired and grumpy by the time we were able to get into the change rooms. The change rooms themselves are large and feature a number of private change areas for people to use. The lockers were available to rent for only $12 for an entire day – great if you’re there for more than just a few hours – and they used an awesome wristband instead of a lock and key, so no worry about losing a key in the water.

When we got into the pool we went straight for the Dolphin Kiddie Pool which had three little slides and some water toys. This is where we got HD in the water for the first time. This is the area made for the smallest kids, not really great for babies. I found the water a little cold for my liking, and HD did not like the splashing that was happening. We moved over to the wave pool pretty quickly.

Everyone loved the wave pool, Hunter and Levi took turns heading out into the deeper water with their dad and uncle. HD and I spend time in the shallower warmer water at the edge of the pool. The wave pool has always been my favourite place to be so I am not at all surprised that the kids love it. The water is warm and it is so fun just riding the waves.

After the waves, Hunter and Levi spent the rest of the night at Carribean Cove, a Multi-level play structure to climb and crawl around on. The boys LOVED it there and squealed with delight every time the dump bucket dumped the water. It took a little while for Hunter to work up to actually going down the slide, but as soon as he did he never stopped until it was time to go home. HD and I spent some time in the awesome double hot tub before heading out.

It was a late night but it was a great one, still, the kids are asking when they can go back to the “ocean inside the building.” These are the activities we love doing as a family. Things that keep their bodies and their brains active. Things that they will remember for years to come. We can’t wait to go back.


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