Baby H: Month six.

The hardest part about babies is that you can literally watch them grow and learn things before your eye. They grow up SOOO quickly and it breaks my heart a little bit. Thankfully I have these updates so I don’t miss anything!

Sleeping:  I am lucky. He is an awesome sleeper. I put him to bed at 7 and I USUALLY don’t hear from him again until 7 am. He wakes up happy as can be babbling in his bed until I go get him. He sleeps awesome and he loves his bed. He has 2-two hour naps in a day, which often seems to land at the time I have to pick up his older brothers from school, but hey; that’s the nature of the beast.

Feeding: All this little boy wants to do is eat. He is loving solid food, he growls at you until you share with him. It’s super cute.

Development:  He’s sitting and rolling, and babbling and everything else. He says Mom and mmmm – which he says when he is hungry. He also has started to hold his own bottle.

Growth: I missed grabbing his height because I wasn’t paying attention, but he weight 16 lbs 7 oz. not a huge jump since his last checkup but the doctor is happy with him. He has rolls in all the right places, and he is happy.Still wearing 6M/3-6M clothes so I have gotten over 3 months out of them so hat that is a win for me!

Hunter & Levi: Hunters favourite thing is “bouncy-bouncy boing-boing time” (I think it’s a TV show reference) which is when HD is in his bouncer and jumping and Hunter jumps as well. They both think it’s a great game!


  • FOOD
  • His jumper
  • His bed


  • Peaches, peas, and poultry  – turkey or chicken baby food he will not touch.


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