Baby H: Month seven.

Six months old and he is growing before my eyes. I watch him with amazement as he is very much my miracle baby.

Sleeping: This boy of mine sleeps like a champ, bedtime at 7 and not a peep from him until 7 am. Then a nap in the morning where he s more than happy to just lay in bed and babble to himself.He tends to wake up from his afternoon nap crabby, but I believe that has more to do with his loud older brothers waking him up while they play.

Feeding: Three meals a day, and 3 bottles – which hardly seems like enough, but his doctor isn’t worried. – I am doing a combination of Baby Led Weaning and traditional feeding methods. He gets to feed himself his lunch, usually toast, or something similar; while I feed him breakfast and dinner. He is learning, but he still isn’t getting enough into him when he feeds himself so we are actively working towards that.

Development:  He is holding his own bottle, almost always and is getting close to crawling. Not quite there yet but close. He is getting quite good at picking up things and getting them into his mouth.

Growth: Oh he is growing, but to me, he is still so small. I wonder if he will always feel that way to me. He is still in 3-6/6M clothes for not a whole lot longer. He has been wearing them for over 3 months so win for getting my use out of them.

Hunter & Levi: They love to try to teach him how to crawl. HD has no in what they are doing but they certainly try.


  • His jumper is still by far his favourite thing.
  • When his brothers crawl around the floor.
  • When daddy comes home from work.
  • Yogurt, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.


  • Tummy time, he is getting over it, but he still isn’t a big fan. 
  • Rice cereal, since he discovered new and better foods he really doesn’t want this.


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