A trip to Drumheller: day one.

Every year for May long weekend we always go camping, always with my brother. This year he was otherwise engaged and we were left to our own devices. It wasn’t until the beginning of May when we finally thought of making the journey to Drumheller, the Dinosaur Capital of the world.


Surprisingly, with only a few short weeks until the long weekend, and knowing we wanted to camp our options were not as limited as we thought. We ended up making a reservation at Dinos Nest, which is located within the City limits. We stayed at the sister site Dino’s RV Nest. The location is awesome as it seems fairly central when you’re looking at tourist destinations. The lady who we dealt with was incredible and was full of tips and suggestions when we were planning our day. We had a good size green space at our campsite and my kids quickly made friends with the other campers. The playground was a definite hit. We did have to pay for firewood but that is the case in nearly all campgrounds these days and we found the price to be fair. The portable fire pits are ingenious and incredibly handy.




After getting a good nights sleep we started out for a full day of adventuring. First stop, The Worlds Largest Dinosaur! My family loved this. The little ones were thrilled to be “eaten by a dinosaur” and take some awesome pictures for a very reasonable price; 15% of which is donated back to the community. The dinosaur does sway a little in the wind, something Blayne wasn’t fond of, being afraid of heights, but he was still able to enjoy the view. With over 100 steps to the top is a treck, but the journey is worth it. You can also take some cool pictures from the outside absolutely free. There is a gift shop there, however, do yourself a favour and skip it. The Royal Tyrrell has a more reasonably priced one.




From there we headed along the North Dinosaur Trail. Our first stop was The Little Church. It is Little, as the name implied, so little in fact that we nearly drove passed it. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when it was called the little church. It is beautiful, and the history is wonderful. It seats only six people at a time, but it seats them comfortably.




Next up was Horsethief Canyon, another area rich with history and the view is incredible. I never ventured down the path as the were quite steep and I had the boys with me but staying at the top kept them entertained for a bit. I wish we had brought a picnic as it would have been a perfect spot. The boys made friends with some gophers and sat there watching them for a good amount of time. From there we carried onto to the Bleriot Ferry.




The ferry crosses the Red Deer River, and while we have a very similar to one at home so while it wasn’t anything new for us the kids do love it. It takes about 5 minutes or so to cross the river and then you’re on your way.




The next and last stop for us on the trail was the Orkney Viewpoint, just off the beaten path for another incredible lookout. It is gorgeous and I would love to catch is during a sunrise/sunset. The river snakes through beautifully.After the viewpoint we headed back to the campsite for a quick bite to eat; before heading to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.




Hunter and Levi loved the museum, so did we. There were a lot of interactive displays to keep the entertained while we read the information panels. Certainly informative. The staff throughout the museum were full of interesting fact and were happy to answer any questions my boys had to ask. They have an amazing fossil of a Nosodor, in near perfect condition. This is was my absolute favourite exhibit and I highly recommend you take some time here. The gift shop was reasonably priced which both shocked and pleased me. I expected otherwise. This is the gift shop I recommend you buy your souvenirs at.

After a day full of activities we were all ready to head back to the camper. We made a batch of Tacos in a Bag for dinner while the boys made friends with the other kids at the campsite. After dinner (and marshmallows of course) they headed off to bed and Blayne and I enjoyed the rest of our evening and planned what we would do the next day of our dinosaur filled weekend.



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2 thoughts on “A trip to Drumheller: day one.

  1. Sounds like you all had a fab time. I love the look of the dinosaur museum and I can imagine kids will love it
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂


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