A trip to Drumheller: Day two.

If you missed day one you can find it here!

I think my favourite time of any trip is after the kids go to bed, and Blayne and I get to relax on our own, in the quiet. Doing it outdoors around the campfire is something special all on its own.

The next day we headed out early. The first place we headed for the day was the infamous hoodoos. My kids absolutely loved this place. Climbing and running around. Beautiful scenery too. It is much smaller than I had expected, but years of people and weather have led to that. They are still unique and wonderful though. Definitely not stroller friendly, not that we expected it. The “designated” area is quite small but once you venture past there you can spend hours exploring and climbing. We spend about an hour there and we didn’t even make it a fraction of the way to the top.

From there we checked out the Atlas Coal Mine. We actually went there just for the heck of it, we were told there was nothing that we could do with kids under six. While there are only certain things you can do if you’re under the age of 6, there is still a tonne to do here with the younger ones. The pony cart ride and the train ride were by far the most popular for us. We walked the around and viewed the old building, Me and Blayne enjoyed it from a more adult perspective and the boys loved seeing everything. The staff, especially the train conductor, were friendly and super informative. We were there for about 3 hours and would easily have spent more time if we had remembered a picnic, but we had to head back to the campsite for a much-needed lunch.

Because of our poor planning, we ended up backtracking to the Rosedale Suspension Bridge, but it was worth it. Not only is it free it gives you another glimpse into the past. I carried HD across, not something I would want to do on a windy day, and he loved looking at the water. Hunter and Levi would have easily spent all day going back and forth if we were to let them. At the other side, there is plenty of trails that you can hike, we didn’t because we seriously need to invest in a baby carrier of some sort, but I hear you can find smoulder piles that have been smoking for years, so keep an eye out for that!

We did some other general exploring around Drumheller, but our favourite store was easily The Fossil Shop. The items in the store are BEAUTIFUL, which grossly undersells it even. While there some incredibly large and expensive pieces there are plenty of small, gorgeous, unique pieces available as well for a very fair price. I’m confident that there is something there for everyone. The staff is helpful and encourages you to “touch the past.”

Our last stop before starting the 5-hour drive home was at WHIFS Flapjack House. We had breakfast here after being told by numerous people that it was the place to be. When we arrived we were seated quickly, without any wait, a definite plus considering it was quite busy. We all opted for the buffet, in the interest of time, and how we wanted to get headed home. Kids 5 and under are free so we only ended up paying for Blayne’s and mine, which is always a win in my opinion. The food was awesome, the only disappointment is that I took the last flapjack and it still hadn’t been refilled when I was ready for more. Oh well, I probably didn’t need it anyways. The only other con is that there is n change table in the bathroom, which means I ended up changing HD in the truck before hitting the road.

From there we ventured onward. Still talking about the memories we made and the wonderful vacation we had.

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10 thoughts on “A trip to Drumheller: Day two.

  1. It sound like you’ve had a lovely time. We’re off camping this weekend. I have never seen one of those chairs/ camping high chairs before! it’s just what I need! x


  2. That sounds brilliant!! It can be very restricting when the children are so little, but it sounds like you still founds loads of super fun things for them to do! And I agree that after a long day with them, some time with just you and your husband, is very special!!
    Thanks for joining #bigpinklink!


  3. Great day out and sounds like a lot of fun for all of you. I think my boys would love it!:) Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time


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